Welcome aboard

When you arrive, you will served a cup of coffee or tea in our welcoming reception area. There we get to know each other and ff necessary we can discuss a sailing route with you.

Sail through beautiful villages

Luggage on board

After our cup of coffee, it is time to get to your yacht. The motor yachts are located in spacious sheds which have side jetties along their entire length. We have luggage trolleys available to help you get your luggage on board.

As soon as you have brought your luggage on board, you will be given detailed technical instructions and will be able to try the boat out briefly, along with the rest of the crew, so that you can familiarise yourself with your 'private motor yacht'.


Our vessels are fully furnished for a pleasant stay on board. The kitchen inventory is geared to the number of persons for which the vessel is rated. Moreover, the vessel carries various cleaning and safety supplies, such as a first-aid kit and a distress signals package. You will be provided with a comprehensive inventory for the yacht you are renting when you make your reservation.

View a comprehensive inventory here


Extras for rent

To make your trip even more comfortable, you can rent extra equipment with us. To ensure that you can rent these extras must be booked in advance. Without a reservation you can set the extras on the day of departure only hire based on availability.

Ship's boat with outboard motor

You may even want to hire a handy ship's boat with outboard motor. You can use this ship's boat to visit places which are inaccessible to large boats, for example the Frisian town of Hindelopen, which is on the route of the Eleven City Race. You can then explore the narrow waterways of the Eernewoude nature reserve or the Weerribben. Such trips are, of course, great for kids!


If you do not want to sail all the time, you may be interested in hiring some of our folding bicycles. These are ideal, particularly in Friesland where there are a lot of 'transfer points' from the waterway to the cycle path networks. A bike is also handy for shopping or for fetching fresh rolls from the local bakery in the mornings.

Household linnen

You can bring along your own duvet sets or sleeping bags or you can hire them from us ( € 15,00 per person). Pillows are available on board and the beds and pillow cases are changed every week. You can also hire towels, and kitchen towels.




Prices are per piece, per week if available

  • Folding bicycle € 19,50
  • A ship's boat with outboard motor in davits  € 95,00
  • Life jacket € 4,00 (children's life jacket for free)
  • Duvet set (1 pers.) € 15,00
  • Marine telephones (documents required) € 25,00
  • Laptop with GPS route planner  € 45,00
  • Wifi on board (5000 MB)  € 30,00


A small pet (max. 8 kg) may, in consultation with us, be taken on board some vessels. We will then charge € 60.00 extra.

Blackwater tanks

Since January 2009, pleasure craft are no longer allowed to discharge toilet waste into the surface water. For more than 25 years now we have equipped our boats with waste water tanks, a move which our customers have greatly appreciated.

If marinas have more than 50 mooring places, they are  obliged to have at least one waste water extraction unit. You will find a list of these facilities on board our vessels. A waste water extraction unit is also available in our harbour, meaning that, when you return from your trip, you can empty the waste water tank while refuelling.

Blackwater tank