Flevoland and the Randmeren

Areas of outstanding natural beauty have developed in our newest province, Flevoland, over the past fourty years. Thanks to the overhanging trees, the canals now look like country rivers. Their length gives you an endless feeling of peace and quiet.

Sailing on the Randmeren

The Randmeren is the largest uninterrupted sailing area in the Netherlands. The many reed lands along the banks mean the Randmeren is hugely important for swamp and water birds. The Randmeren area is a unique link between the old and the new areas of Flevoland, the Veluwe and ’t Gooi.

Contrary to what the name suggests, you can encounter quite strong winds on the Randmeren lakes. The lake bottom is uneven due to the sand excavation areas and this can, from time to time, lead to changeable surges.

Broad views

The Randmeren are a must for sailing enthusiasts who love space and charm. Broad views and endless polders alternate with charming locations which offer great facilities to stay the night, such as Spakenburg and Elburg. The Randmeren features numerous islands which are ideal for daytime leisure pursuits.

Sailing routes Flevoland