Groningen & the Lauwersmeer National Park

Groningen, our neighbour province, has a great deal to offer to water sports enthusiasts. Numerous lakes such as Schildmeer, Zuidlaardermeer and Lauwersmeer provide a wide range of water sports opportunities.

Discover the Lauwersmeer area

Lauwersmeer National Park is located in the north of the Netherlands, on the border between Groningen and Friesland. This area used to be open to the sea and there was an open link to the Wadden Sea. Because of the flood risk, a dam was built in 1969. That was a bit of a shock for the many nature enthusiasts! Thankfully, they soon witnessed the creation of a stunning new landscape.

Sailing routes Groningen

National Park

The natural environment in the Lauwersmeer area is so unique that it was designated a National Park. There is plenty to discover in the peace and space of the magnificent landscape; special trees, a huge number of birds and fantastic views. You can explore Lauwersmeer National Park on foot, by bike or by boat. There are numerous attractive places to stay in and around the area.

Canals of Groningen

You can reach the province of Groningen via a range of canals. If you wish to sail with upright mast, you have to approach Groningen via Leeuwarden and Lauwersmeer National Park