Sailing area Overijssel

Overijssel has fantastic sailing routes which take you through
water-rich nature conservation areas such as the Weerribben
and world famous Giethoorn, which is referred to as ‘the Venice
of the North’.

Central location

With a length of 129 km, you will have a week full of fun with the Overijssel sailing route. Because of the central location in the Netherlands, the route connects to known sailing areas like the Friese Meren, the IJsselmeer and the Randmeren. 

Discover the Weerribben

Giethoorn is a great base to start a trip to the Weerribben national park.
Between Giethoorn, Ossenzijl and Steenwijk you will pass by numerous magnificent views and nature conservation areas. The picturesque villages of Muggenbeet, Wetering and Kalenberg are places you simply have to visit. The route has plenty of landing stages, should you want to stay the night.

Take a dinghy

A dinghy is the best way to discover the Weerribben. Electric boats can be rented at various locations around the magnificent swampy nature reserve. With a small boat, like a dinghy or an electric boat, you can peacefully roam around even the smallest streams in the Weerribben. Together with the adjacent De Wieden natural park, the area covers more than one hundred square kilometres.
You can explore the countryside by foot or bicycle from one of the many marinas. This is a particularly good idea in the various nature conservation areas.

A small stream in the Weerribben

The Turf Route

Discover Friesland, Drenthe and Overijssel

The Turf Route is a magnificent sailing route through the provinces Friesland, Drenthe and Overijssel. In these areas you can enjoy stunning and peaceful sailing routes which are different in character to the Frisian lakes area. The route, with its many bridges and locks, passes through a varied natural environment with magnificent hiking and biking paths. Alongside the sailing route, and in its immediate vicinity, there are numerous interesting sight-seeing villages.

When is the Turf Route open?

The Turf Route is open every year from May 16th to September 15th. During this period, the bridges and locks are operated from 09.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 17.00. The bridges and locks are not operated on Sundays and on bank holidays, except in July and August.

The sailing route is accessible from three directions. From the northwest (Oldeboorn), the southwest (Mildam) and the east (the Damsluis near Appelscha). 

Ticket for the Turf Route

When you enter the Turf Route, you can purchase a ticket for € 15. This covers the costs of all the bridges, locks and mooring fees along the route (with the exception of self-service bridges and Olderberkoop marina). If you leave the Turf Route, the ticket will no longer be valid.

Boat specifications

The following maximum dimensions apply to the Turf Route:

  • length of 28 meter
  • width of  5 meter
  • draught of 1.10 meter.

The maximum vertical clearance is 3.70 metres. The railway bridge at Heerenveen has a maximum vertical clearance of 3.25 metres. The route over the Tsjonger and/or Linde in the direction of Kuinre includes a bridge with a maximum vertical clearance of 2.60 metres. The maximum speed is 6 kilometres per hour.