Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find the frequently asked questions. Do you have a question for us and the answer is not on this page? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

General questions

  • What makes a holiday on water so exceptional?

    A holiday on water is a unique experience. Once you are on the water nature’s tranquillity will make you forget about daily stresses, soothing you with the sound of birds and lapping water. Cruising along, you can endlessly enjoy magnificent villages with several sights and cosy terraces at the water’s edge inviting you to moor.

  • Do I need a navigation licence?

    A navigation licence is required in the Netherlands only if the vessel exceeds 15 metres in length or can reach speeds higher than 20 km per hour. A navigation licence is therefore not required to operate our yachts. However, some sailing experience and knowledge of nautical regulations will come in handy. Before you depart, we will provide you with technical instruction for the yacht as well as a brief trial run.

    We do offer a sailing course for people with little or no experience. This duration of this course can vary from a few hours to an entire day. The course is also mandatory for beginners. An experienced instructor will teach you how to steer, moor and tie up, as well as negotiate bridges, etc. with the yacht you rented. Once you have completed this course, you can be sure that you will be able to fully enjoy the remainder of your holiday on the water.

  • Which itinerary can I follow?

    We have put together various itineraries and posted them on our website. There are itineraries for beginners as well as for advanced skippers. There is a book with these itineraries on board the yacht.

    The routes will lead you through magnificent areas, along many sights, and a multitude of villages and cities. Each route description mentions the number of kilometres, the average fuel consumption, and the number of bridges and locks.

  • Does the price include a final cleaning?

    The vessel has to be returned tidy, and the trash has to be removed from the yacht. Our team will take care of the final cleaning. The obligatory cleaning costs depend on the type of yacht you have rented. 

  • Can I park my car on your site?

    You can safely park your car on our site. Our marina in Woudsend has a fenced car park, for guests only.



    • Outside: € 5 per day / € 25 per week
    • Indoor parking: € 15 per day / € 75 per week
  • Is there a supermarket in the vicinity?

    There is a Spar supermarket in Woudsend, where you can get all your daily groceries.

  • How do De Marrekrite moorages function?

    De Marrekrite moorages are moorages in Friesland where you can moor free of charge for three days at the most. De Marrekrite manages these fee moorages and ensures that you can enjoy the splendid Frisian nature. Additional information can be found on the website of De Marrekrite.


  • Is there bed linen on board?

    Bed linen is not included on our yachts. You can bring your own duvets or sleeping bags or you can rent duvets (€ 8 per person). You can also rent bedding (€18.50 per person) with duvet, sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase. Pillows are standard on board. However, you must bring your own regular and kitchen towels.

  • Are pets allowed on board?

    A small pet is allowed on a number of specific vessels. For a dog on board we charge € 45.00 per reservation.

  • What is the vessel’s power supply?

    All our yachts are equipped with an inverter, continuously producing 230V and an output of 2000 watts. This is more than adequate for a coffee-maker or a vacuum cleaner. The motor yacht Tessa is the only one equipped with a 500-watt inverter. This means that heavy equipment such as coffee-makers and blow dryers cannot be used on Tessa. However, the output is more than enough to power a laptop, mobile phone, and camera, etc. Many moorages do offer the use of a shore power connection for a small fee. This enables you to charge your batteries and even connect more power-hungry devices.

  • Does the vessel have a holding tank?

    All our vessels are equipped with a holding tank, to which the plumbing fixtures are connected. You can drain the holding tank at a wastewater pump-out facility, present at all marinas with 50 berths or more. A list of these facilities can be found on board every vessel.

  • I forget something on board; do you have a lost property department?

    Any lost property we find is stored in our office (except for foodstuffs).