Sailing areas & routes

We have put together some fantastic sailing routes based on our experiences and those of our satisfied customers.

There is something to suit any captain and crew. They cover the Frisian lakes to the IJsselmeer and Flevomeer lakes and take in places such as Sneek, Woudsend, Heeg, Enkhuizen, Volendam, Leeuwarden, Harderwijk and many more besides. You are, of course, free to choose your own routes and go on your own tour of discovery.

Discover Friesland

Friesland is known for the many lakes and water routes. You can visit some nice old towns like Sneek, IJlst, Slotten and Grou. We also recommend the wonderfull area of Eernewoude.

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Say hello to Groningen

Our neighbour province knows some wonderfull sailing areas. You can visit the Lauwersmeer for example, which is an official National Park. With special flowers, birds and views it is a place like you have never seen.

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Canals of Groningen and Friesland

Crossing the IJsselmeer 

On the other side of the IJsselmeer, you will discover more cute old towns like Enkhuizen, Hoorn and Volendam. Just cross the lake and enjoy!

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The lakes of Flevoland

The area of Flevoland is not a common sailing area to think about. It is, however, a great area to discover. On the long canals it feels like you are sailing on a river, which can give a great feeling of peace.

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Sailing in Overijssel

If you go a bit more south, you will discover nice towns like Giethoorn, Blokzijl and Zwartsluis. Did you bring a ship's boat with outboard motor? Then you can easily discover the National Park Weerribben - Wieden.

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Swim in the lakes