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Sailing course of Schipper Start Help


Day course:

Are you a skipper without any experience sailing motor yachts? In that case, Schippers Start Hulp provides you with the opportunity to learn to optimally control your rental yacht from Jachtcharter Klompmaker in water-abundant Friesland in one single day.

On the first day of your holiday, you will be accompanied on board by one of the experienced SSH instructors. Together with you and your crew, they will navigate through one of the most beautiful parts of the Frisian lakes region. During the trip, you will intensively practice steering, berthing and mooring the ship, as well as passing bridges, etc.
For uninterrupted holiday fun and for the safety of all crew members, familiarity with the ship alone is not sufficient. Knowledge of a number of important nautical rules is also indispensable.

Therefore, SSH provides a brief and real-life-oriented theoretical course, lasting approximately 1 hour long, at the comfortable SSH accommodations in the Mid-Friesland water sports centre near Terherne at Sneekermeer. You will receive an SSH information folder in which you will find everything you have accomplished in learning.
You will spend the night on board of your rental yacht at the spacious SSH landing, reserved for you at the Mid-Friesland water sports centre. Once this day is over, you can be sure that you will be able to fully enjoy the remaining holidays on the water.

For this day course, we can send you a registration form or you can register directly on the website of SSH: www.schippersstarthulp.nl

2- to 3-hour course.

Specifically for those that do have some experience with a motor yacht or sailing yacht, but who want to refresh this knowledge, we have developed a 2 or 3 hour manoeuvring course in collaboration with SSH. In this course, you will intensively practice manoeuvring for bridges, berthing and mooring, etc.

Our advice:

2-hour course - suitable for guests with some experience and who want to refresh their knowledge.

3-hour course - suitable for guests with little experience. Day course - suitable for beginners, extensive theoretical and practical course.


2-hour course   € 98.00
3-hour course   € 130.00
Day course        € 240.00.

These courses are provided directly at departure.
You can reserve the 2-hour course and the 3-hour course by selecting them when making your online reservation.
For the day course, we can send you an application form or you can register directly at the site of SSH: www.schippersstarthulp.nl