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extras for rent

If you do not want to sail all the time, you may be interested in hiring some of our folding bicycles. These are ideal, particularly in Friesland where there are a lot of 'transfer points' from the waterway to the cycle path networks. A bike is also handy for shopping or for fetching fresh rolls from the local bakery in the mornings.

You may even want to hire a handy ship's boat with outboard motor. You can use this ship's boat to visit places which are inaccessible to large boats, for example the Frisian town of Hindelopen, which is on the route of the Eleven City Race. You can then explore the narrow waterways of the Eernewoude nature reserve or the Weerribben. Such trips are, of course, great for kids!

Of course you can also hire life jackets in various sizes. Children's life jackets are free. We also rent out duvet sets, marine telephones and laptops with a GPS route planner.