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general information 

Our motor yachts (cutter yachts) are derived from the cutter and have the same powerful and seaworthy image.

The excellent sailing characteristics mean the motorboat is always easy to handle. The streamlined quick works cuts through the water easily, thereby creating less of a stern wave. As a result, the yachts use very little fuel ( 3 - 5 litres per hour).

The vessels we hire out are our yard's own cutter yachts. These are magnificently lined, robust and expressive vessels and certainly not typical hire yachts. In many ways they are unique as regards sailing characteristics, image and comfort. This all means you will really feel like the captain and owner of an exclusive motor yacht and that is the way you will be received during your trip in Friesland or on the IJsselmeer.

The machine room is very well insulated and this means that, whether you are sitting inside or outside, the noise will not disturb your enjoyment of the peace and quiet of the beautiful surroundings.